115   E. Market Street

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400  S. Kitchell Avenue

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303  S. Fair St. (1 of 2)

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303 S. Fair (2 of 2)

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317 S. Whittle Avenue

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409 S. Whittle Avenue

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120 W. Cherry Street


"Ridgway: Natural Scientist,
Author & Artist" -

305  W. Main Street (1 of 5)

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305 W. Main Street (2 of 5)

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305 W. Main Street (3 of 5)

FINAL The Fella was a Tripp.jpg

305 W. Main Street (4 of 5)

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305 W. Main (5 of 5)

FINAL Lincoln Rallies for Change.JPG

Children's Mural

Showcasing images of the State Insect, the Monarch Butterfly

Panels will be painted downtown. Mural to be placed at the Musgrove Aquatic Center