HOST A WALLDOG  **due to continued precautions surrounding COVID-19 and its variants, we are not offering host housing at this time.**

Many Walldog artists look forward for the opportunity to stay with local families that are willing to open up their homes to welcome them during this event.  Here are some important considerations:

  • Artists will have limited free time to spend with host families.

  • Late nights and early mornings are common for these artists.

  • Artists will welcome some quiet down time after a long day of creativity.

  • We request that host homes be air conditioned.

  • Some homes will need to accommodate up to 3 members of a Walldog family, as well as doubles and singles.

  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks are provided by the Host Committee.

  • Artists may require refrigerator space at their host home for beverages.

  • Artists will be staying with host families anywhere from 6 to 7 days (dependent upon arrival/departure).