COVID-19 Revised FAQs

How will this project be moving forward?

It is clear that  we will not be out of the woods regarding this pandemic for quite some time.  We still want to have the end-goal of the project completed, but in the safest way possible.  Because of this, every aspect of the project has been completely re-configured.    For example, we are drastically limiting the amount of artists that will be participating.  We also have eliminated the host-housing option and will not be hosting the downtown Festival.  We do not want to create a super-spreader event, but do still want to celebrate Olney's history with these beautiful images that will last for years to come!


Will we be able to watch the painting and interact with the artists?

Sure!    It is advised to wear face coverings unless you have been fully vaccinated, and the use of hand sanitizer would also be a great idea.  The artists are still very excited to meet members of the community, and we hope to make them feel welcome!


Why the Walldogs?

The Walldogs organization  has been creating a buzz for 23   years, all over the country because of its     unique concept.   The  Walldogs have transformed 30 communities with 564 murals over those 23 years.  They know what they're doing!


Will any of our local artists be involved? 
The Walldogs project is so fun because so many artists (100-200)    are included from all over the world.  However, any artist can be involved!  Please contact for more information.     One of Olney's artists has attended an informational meeting, but has several commissions coming up and cannot directly commit.  Another Olney native, Rudy K., will be directing the  children's mural.

I've heard the Walldogs project is pretty pricey.  Why is the City using our tax dollars for this instead of      ______?

First of all, please be aware that this project is one that the City AND Chamber are working on together!  Secondly, don't fret, your tax dollars are not being spent on this project.  The City of Olney is making a donation, however, from the Tourism Fund.  This fund  is made up of funds received from hotel/motel tax.  Whenever someone stays in one of our hotels, motels, or short term rentals, a portion of their bill is this tax.  The funds received from hotel/motel tax can only be used for tourism and tourism promotion purposes, and cannot be used for things such as roads, parks, fire protection, etc.  Other than that  donation, the project is seeking corporate sponsorships, Friends of the Mad Dog contributions, and is also fundraising.

How does this benefit our community?

Let's start by saying that everyone can help make this project come to be through the various opportunities listed in the tabs above.  It is also a great boost to local business and tourism to have such a project with extra people in town.  While the event is taking place, residents  and visitors will be able to enjoy the goings-on.  After the event, we will have beautiful murals to enjoy for many years.  Walking tours will be something else to be offered, and we hope to cross-market with other Illinois towns that have  Walldogs murals to create a sort of "Walldogs Trail."  Additionally, the murals will depict Olney's rich history and restore a sense of pride.